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Registration details: To go overseas a private service is offered by agents to get you a working contract, visa, accommodation, and flight tickets. The fees are paid to the agents to guarantee you a job. Please see the fees below the amounts can be paid in monthly installments, this will mean that job placement will take 2 months up to maximum 8 months depending on documents prepared and fees paid. Please book your free consultation for more information.

  1. Program fees :
  • Dubai Driver’s :
  • Registration: R4000.00
  • Visa: R5 000. 00
  • Placement and(UAE) drivers license: R16 000.00
  • Total: R25 000.00
  • Au Pair.
  • Registration: R4000.00
  • Placement fees: R12 000.00
  • Total: R16 000.00
  • Teaching English in China.
  • Registration: R4 000.00
  • TEFL course: R2 000.00
  • Placement fees: R10 000.00
  • Total: R16 000.00
  • Teaching English in Thailand.
  • Registration: R4 000.00
  • Accommodation and Transport: R6 000.00
  • Tesol training fees: R15 000.00
  • Total: R25 000. 00
  • Cruise ship opportunities.
  • Registration: R4000.00
  • STCW course: R8000.00
  • Placement fees: R8 000.00
  • Sea medical: R5 000.00
  • Total: R25 000.00
  • FNB ACCOUNT NUMBER. 62840003678
  • BRANCH CODE. 250655
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downloadFull professional private service, making travel and exploring easy and in Order. From the beginning of your journey till the end a full update on your application process. See our Facebook page of happy clients working abroad.

Why working abroad is good—for your wallet, the world, and your career As you figure out whether working abroad is the right path for you or not, we encourage you to read over these reasons to work abroad and decipher if they align with your goals. 1. Get paid to travel. We repeat: Get paid to travel. Let’s face it, traveling is expensive. Even if you’re sticking to a strict budget, long-term travel costs a lot of money. If you’ve got running costs, like student loan repayments, it can be difficult to go abroad for an extended time without breaking the bank or getting into more debt. That’s why working abroad is the perfect opportunity to travel while getting paid. You get to explore a new country while earning a decent income and without sacrificing your career. 2. Learn new skills. No matter what country you move to, working abroad will undoubtedly lead you to learn new skills. Not only will you get new skills at your new job abroad, but you’ll also learn new soft skills, from communication skills to networking. After all, navigating a new city without speaking the language makes you resourceful, and working in an international team will help to improve your communication skills. The best overseas jobs for Americans] 3. Personal development. Moving to a new country to start a new job will undoubtedly push you out of your comfort zone. Nothing helps you grow as a person like interrupting your safe and comfortable routine. Whether you’re a serial traveller or this is your first trip abroad, you’ll gain new perspectives and learn things about yourself and your home country that you never knew before. This new perspective will help you develop personally just as much as you grow professionally. 4. Master a second language. Chances are that you’ll be moving to a country where you don’t speak the language. Consider this a bonus for when you work overseas, as it gives you the unique opportunity to learn a language abroad and practice your new skills with locals. Speaking the language will not only help you better integrate into your new role, but also help you stand out from the crowd in the future. cheers with beers The fact that every hour feels like Happy Hour is one of our favorite reasons to work abroad As yet another layer of icing on the work abroad cake, learning a new language is associated with long-term benefits, like improved memory, improved attention span, and boosted creativity. The advantages of working overseas include a boost to your brain power! 5. Expand your network. Working abroad is a great way to expand your personal and professional network. While it’s already possible to network with people all around the world via online platforms, such as LinkedIn, it’s a completely different experience to meeting people in real life. While you work abroad, you’ll be collaborating with locals and expats from other countries—this can expose you to new job opportunities (or opportunities in general!). Additionally, you’ll be forming friendships with people from different backgrounds, some of which will last a lifetime. Why work overseas? Advantages include a global circle of people who have your back and can help you get the leg up in future job hunts (we think that’s a pretty cool one!). [Use MyGoAbroad to find and compare jobs abroad] 6. Boost your resumé. Having an international assignment on your resume could boost your future employability. Talent mobility is a big topic in recruiting, and an increasing number of future jobs will require international travel. Your stint working abroad will prove that you’re flexible and independent, and help your resumé stand out from the crowd. Also, any additional skills you gain while abroad, like language skills, will further boost your resumé. 7. Immerse yourself into life abroad. There’s only so much you can learn about a culture on a short vacation. Working abroad will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of a country, its people, and its culture. You won’t just be a visitor anymore, but a temporary member of that community. This insider view will give you a different perspective on all aspects of life, including family life and politics. You’ll have the chance to really immerse yourself and learn about unique quirks and traditions from your local friends, which you’d never be exposed to on a vacation. 8. Find your dream career. Often, the desire to travel comes from a drive to learn more about ourselves. Many people choose to work abroad not only to travel, but also to try out different jobs and new roles. In particular, working holiday visas are a great opportunity to dip your feet into a few new industries. It is very likely that by working abroad you will find new interests and passions, which might lead you on a path to a new career that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

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